Fighting stereotypes with slogans 

Promoting ideas around equality, equity and diversity are very important to us at Inclusion and we regularly work with our students and learners to explore the wide ranging and far reaching aspects of this throughout our academic year. 

As part of our work this November we’ve been looking more closely at issues around toxic masculinity, violence against women and girls and gender stereotypes linking this in with anti-bullying week, International Men’s Day and White Ribbon Day – all happening in November, along with the start of the World Cup (which is linked to this work as statistics show that when the male national football team play, there is a rise in cases of domestic violence).

Along with different work and activities planned with our students and learners around this topic, we also launched our ‘Fighting Stereotypes with slogans’ campaign.

Students and learners across school and college Have designed their own t-shirt slogans combating gender stereotypes.

Taking a vote across Inclusion Hampshire we slightly the top three designs which have been made into t-shirts.

All learners and students will receive one of these with a limited available to buy ( on first come first saved basis – so let us know your order!)

If you know you want to buy one – then please do email Freia at 

Take a look below at the winning designs and all the entries. 

Take a look at our learners and student t-shirt designs below.

If you’d like to get your hands on one of these exclusive designs then email Freia at and state which t-shirt you’d like – purple, blue and green, and which size (available in s, m, l, XL and 2XL).  Each limited edition t-shirt is £12 with all money raised going back towards campaigns and resources for our learners and students.  Thanks for your support! 

Want to see more?
Then take a look at all the designs below.