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As part of our commitment to promoting mental health well-being and support, we want to champion the causes and services in our local area and help to share the fantastic work going on. 

We’ll share details on all the events and services currently running in our area. 

If you’d like to add your event then please just contact us on the below form with details.

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Learning for the Long Term

At Inclusion Hampshire, our two main sites – Inclusion School and Inclusion College – provide a collaborative, learner-led approach in partnership with parents/carers and supporting  agencies, enabling our learners to achieve nationally recognised qualifications and ensure change is long term and sustainable. Everyone is different and every learner will have a different pathway to success.

More than Just Teaching

We have seen the growing need for a different approach to education that can more widely accommodate the holistic needs of the learner. We focus on providing individual, emotional and academic support to young people, equipping them with the skills, self-belief and motivation for them to make positive changes, achieve qualifications and find their own pathway to success. 

Every young person has the right to feel validated, listened to and heard. We aim to support them in building the confidence, self-worth and resilience to achieve their own personal goals and achievements.

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