Vision and Values

Putting well-being at the heart of education

Our Vision

Our vision is of a society where disadvantaged young people are supported within the local community and empowered to reach their full potential 

One of the founding principles of Inclusion Education is to provide consistent mental health and well-being support to the young people in our care, ensuring that equal importance and value is placed on social, emotional and academic needs.

It is our belief that through supportive and understanding relationships between staff and learners we can better encourage and develop engagement with education – developing the tools and resilience to garner a positive approach to lifelong learning. This approach is central to the work we do at our two sites,  Inclusion School and Inclusion College. 

Our Values

  • Valuing and engaging vulnerable and disadvantaged young people in our community 
  • Promoting inclusion and education
  • Delivery that is open, honest and on learner strengths
  • Working in partnership with all sectors of society

Our mission 

  • To provide an inclusive education provision which delivers nationally recognised accredited courses and holistically meet the needs of vulnerable and/or disadvantaged young people. 
  • To raise motivation and aspirations with the young people we work with
  • To support young people into employment in partnership with businesses and the community


As well as supporting our learners, we feel it is our responsibility as an organisation to increase the engagement and visibility of  mental health and well-being to the wider community,  combating stigma and prejudice and offering greater understanding of the issues faced by many young people. 

We want to help create an environment that nurtures and supports difference, valuing the individual contributions and skills learners can offer. 


We very much view ourselves as an Inclusion community and staff well-being is paramount to our success as an organisation. We endeavour to provide a supportive and inclusive environment to all staff and learners and place high value on the concept of work/life balance. If our staff are content and thriving, then learners and students will be too.

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