We already believe in our learners - can you help with the rest?

This Christmas we are launching our Little Help Fund Advent Campaign to help raise money and awareness for this amazing cause.

Everyday we’ll be opening our online advent calendar to share just one of the items our help fund might go towards – all with the aim of supporting the young people in our care.

You can show your support by donating to us and helping us to make things just a little better for our learners and students. 

Our Little Help Fund is the Inclusion charity fund designed to help our learners and students with the little extras to support their goals. 

The money raised can go towards a whole range of things that can support learners education, any additional needs,  home life, and aspirations.  Anything that might support their educational path, mental well-being or ways to progress. 

Previously the fund has gone on providing a bike so learners can get to school or college, suitable work clothes for an interview or work experience or a musical instrument that helps with therapeutic music sessions. 

The fund has also been used to help provide for household items which can impact a child being able to attend with us – with items such as suitable shoes,  warm coats and toiletries. 

Follow the link or use the QR code below to donate. 

Thanks so much for your help! 

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