Summer Holiday Support

Holidays can be a difficult time, with many added pressures and a change of routine over the Summer.  We’ve put together some useful information and links to support you and your family during this time.

Please remember that we want to support our families as much as possible at Inclusion. If you are struggling then please do contact us as we may be able to offer some support.  We know this is more difficult during holidays so please do use some of the below support links as well.

Kids Eat Free

The amazing team at the  Money Saving Centre have put together a list places offering free or reduced price meals for children during the Summer  holidays you can access it here ➡️

Local Food Pantries 

There are several local pantries in the area. These are local services which offer food packages at reduced rates. Once you register with them you can buy a selection of food (around 12 items, with at least 2 being a meat or fish option) for £5 and  you can chose what you have from what they have on their shelves.  Each pantry will have its own cost and details of what they offer and a full list, including opening times can be found here.  

There is also a new Sewa Community Food Pantry every Tuesday at 11am – 1pm at Carnival Hall, Council Road opposite Fairfields School RG21 3DH



Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust have details of local food banks in your area. 

To access a food bank then you must be referred for a voucher via Health or Social worker, GP, school, Citizens Advice or other support services. Please note, unfortunately Inclusion Hampshire, Inclusion School and Inclusion College can not award these vouchers.   

Find info on your local Foodbank here 

The Trust can also offer some support and information on energy bills here 

You can also contact the Help Through Hardship Helpline on 0808 208 21 38.  This is open Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm


All Yours 

All Yours are a local charity that can support families by providing period boxes.

You can visit their website to register and request these. All information is confidential. 

For more information please visit their website

Gaming and Mental Health

Gaming can be a way to relax and stay connected with your friends. But sometimes, gaming might get in the way of things like studying or sleep. If you’re feeling like this, here are things you can do to enjoying gaming in a positive way 

Managing Anxiety

Stem4 Org is a teenage mental health charity and it has some valuable tips and an app for helping anxiety during these difficult times.

You can take a look here